Clitoromegaly Causes

Clitoromegaly is a medical condition in which the size of clitoris is abnormally large than usual. As the name indicates, clitoro means clitoris and megaly means increase in size. Clitoris is the main part of the external female genitalia. It can be seen easily from outside the body. Basically clitoris is the homologue of penis in men. During fetal development, the external genital parts either develop in to a penis or clitoris. In clitomegaly, the size of clitoris is abnormally large. It more looks like swollen clitoris. There may be many reasons behind it. It may be acquired later in life or develop during pregnancy. Main causes which may lead to clitoromegaly are as follows;

1st we shall talk about the causes which develop clitoromegaly later in life (adult life):

1. Sexual excitement is the common cause of enlarged clitoris. During sexual arousal or excitement, the size of clitoris automatically increased. This is because, during sexual excitement, the blood flow increases and more blood flows towards clitoris. This makes the clitoris look bigger. When women relax, the clitoris comes back to its original size. This may take hours to come back to its original size. Clitoromegaly due to sexual arousal does not harm women but if swelling remains for longer time, then it may cause irritation (while rubbing with clothes). 

2. Inflammation in the external genitals in women may also cause clitoromegaly. Basically the inflammation in vulva is responsible for causing clitoromegaly. Vulvitis is the term used to describe inflammation of vulva. Vulvitis may occur due to following main causes:
  • Due to any kind of infection. Most probably yeast infection or an infection which is sexually transferred. 
  • During intercourse or masturbation there is increased friction. And this friction leads to vulvitis. 
  • Vulvitis may occur due to interaction with any external agent like soap, detergent, lubricant or moisturizer. 

3. Hormonal changes are also responsible for causing clitoromegaly. Estrogen is a female hormone and androgen is a male hormone. Testosterone is an example of androgen. Increased exposure to any androgen in women is responsible for causing clitoromegaly. 

4. Polycystic ovary syndrome leads to clitoromegaly. As many cysts are formed on external genitalia. This syndrome increases the level of androgens in body and ultimately clitoromegaly occurs. 

5. Some anabolic steroids are responsible for increased level of androgens in body. So these anabolic steroids are counted as a cause for clitoromegaly. 

6. Tumor in adrenal gland may lead to abnormal production of hormones and the level of androgens increases. As a result, clitoromegaly occurs. 

Now we'll talk about the causes which may lead to clitoromegaly in childhood;

1. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia is the disorder in the adrenal gland. In this disorder, the adrenal gland produces excessive androgens leading to clitoromegaly. 

2. There may be a congenital disability that clitoris is enlarged in size by birth. 

3. Some other causes which may lead to clitoromegaly include;
  • A non cancerous tumor or a fibroma
  • A lympho angio fibroma. It is a non cancerous abnormal growth. 
  • An epidermoid cyst i.e. non cancerous in nature and the cyst is filled with a fluid
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